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Planning to rent a limousine or a chauffeured service for your next trip or event in Paris ?
Excellent ! Hiring the service of a specialized limousine company is the best way to discover and enjoy Paris, the most beautiful City in the World!

There are many limousine operators in Paris area and their rates can be very different.
Once you have received all the quote, the biggest error you could make when shopping for a limousine is searching based on PRICE. In the limousine industry, there are many variances of quality and price. All too often, a cheaper price translates into larger risk for you.
Most consumers would not choose a restaurant or hotel based on price, yet people shop for a limo service this way and expect 5-star quality. If you shop for a limousine service based on price alone, you will likely be frustrated and disappointed with your limousine experience in Paris.
Old, dirty, poorly maintained vehicles, shoddy service, unprofessional chauffeurs with poor hygiene, dangerous vehicles, and under-insured services are all possible results of a "best price" shopping priority.

This is some helpful information to help you choose the best limousine service company in Paris.

  1. What is the name of the limousine company ? What is the address of the limousine company (be careful, some "gipsy companies" can have a PO Box in avenue des Champs Elysees or other prestigious address in Paris but it doesn't mean that the company has got an office there and is properly licenced)
    What is the name and phone number of your contact person?

  2. Ask about the limousine company’s license and operating authority: In France, limos operators must have a proper licence / permits for chauffeured transportation.
    There are 4 licence available:
    - Taxi licence under the Prefecture,
    - Article n°5 for public transportation also called "green card" or LOTI under the Ministry of Transportation,
    - "Petite Remise Licence" under the Prefecture,
    - "Grande Remise" Licence, under the Prefecture, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Transportation are regulated and more likely to provide you with high quality service.
    All limousines are required to carry proper permits. Unfortunately, the Yellow Pages and advertising services do not require the same in order to advertise. To protect yourself from "gypsy companies", ask for proof of these with your signed contract.

  3. Insurances: All limousines are required to carry profesionnal liability insurance covering passengers for the maximum liability amount. Question the Limousine Company’s Insurance. They should have the proper commercial insurance coverage on their fleet to protect you in the event of an accident or other mishap. A reputable Limousine Company provide you with a Certificate of Coverage, if you request to see it.

  4. Inquire how long the limousine company has been in business. The longer a company has been in service, the more likely they will provide great service.

  5. You can also ask about the Limousine Company’s affiliations with reputable organizations such as the CSNERT, Maison de la France, the National Limousine Association, the Office of Tourism of Paris, as well as their local Livery Association. Memberships with any of the above and other related organizations lets you know that you are dealing with a professional service.

  6. What kind of vehicles does the company propose ?
    How many vehicles does the company have available?

  7. Can they provide a back-up vehicle in case of an emergency?

  8. What about the vehicles ?
    Ask what vehicle they will be sending you for your transportation. They should tell you the year, make and model of the vehicle. Be sure your contract or confirmation contains the specific vehicle information.

  9. How many drivers are available?

  10. Do the drivers have a profesionnal permits? Does the company have a chauffeur training program?

  11. How do the chauffeur dress?

  12. Do the chauffeur know Paris and its area? Can they provide information on Paris History, Must-do / must-see in Paris,... ?

  13. Are the chauffeur fluent in English and other language?

  14. What is the minimum amount of time required to rent a vehicle ?

  15. Request a free quote.
    A reliable and professional service will be more than happy to provide you with a free quote.
    Make sure the price you have been quoted includes parking and tolls. Some companies charge other additional fees for extra passengers and extra stops.Understand all additional charges before making your selection so there are no surprises at the end.
    In France, there is no gratuity : A profesionnal company will not charge you gratuity for the chauffeur service.

  16. Get A Signed Contract.
    A reliable and professional service will be more than happy to provide you with a signed-contract for service. Companies who can't supply a contract may not be confident in their ability to fulfill.

  17. Deposits Required.
    Most companies require a 50% deposit to hold your reservation with the balance due on the wedding day. If you cancel your reservation, your deposit can be forfeited. Such things can be outlined in the contract. Ask your selected company their policy.

  18. You should ask whether the Limousine Company charges for the driver’s waiting time. This could be substantial in the event your flight is delayed. Many Limousine Company’s monitors flight statuses to track early or late flights. Check to see if they have this service.

  19. Know the Limousine Company’s payment/cancellation policy. Most companies require 24 hours notice for airport cancellations and will charge you in the event of late cancellation.

A reliable and efficient company should be able to provide you all these informations.

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