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Licence de Grande Remise

Grande Remise


France is one of the only country in the world that have differents regulation for the same activity: the limousine and chauffeured service.

Our business is called "billable transportation of travellers ".

There are 04 different kind of firms/licenses: taxis (cab), Article #05 (for coach), la "Petite Remise" and la "Grande Remise".

La Grande Remise :

Un peu d'Histoire....

"La Grande Remise" is an old expression that comes from the time when the Louvre was still a castle and Rivoli Street a small street.

The numerous horses drivers servicing the King and his Court were standing oustide the castle originating many problems of traffic.
It was deciced that they should wait in dedicated buildings called "Remise". The horse drivers servicing small Lords should stay in "La Petite Remise", the one who were servicing important Lords should stay in "La Grande Remise".

Centuries later, the expression remains the same!

For further information:
French Minister of Tourism
CSNERT (France Limousines Association)

Location de voitures, Grande Remise

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Licence EVTC094110061
(ex-Licence GR n°94 / 020)

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Licence de Grande Remise


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Licence de Grande Remise
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